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CCA runs following sessions throughout the year:

Special Batting and Bowling Session: $250 Per player Per Session (OneonOne Complete Assessment on batting or bowling, 2 Hours Session)

One-on-one Session: $100 per Player, generally one-hour session

Small Group (4-6 players): $50 per Player, generally two-hour session

CCA Group Session (generally similar aged 10 Players in a group): $25 per Player, generally two-hour session

School Holiday Program: $100-$200 per player (generally two full days)

Winter Program: $400-$500 per player (generally in indoor, 10 weekends, 2 hour session)

There are a plenty of discounts (/for siblings), scholarships and free training options available once a player are committed to develop or potential to develop at higher level. Please contact, if you have serious financial difficulties and children with homeless/family violence background, asylum seekers or special kids.