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Masud Rahman can see the upside of being born into a country where there is little to no coaching - a cricketer's natural ability is allowed to flourish.

Years after moving to Australia, where "proper techniques" are driven into kids from the moment they pick up a bat, he wants to see more youngsters embracing their ingrained flair.

Masud Rahman runs the Canberra Cricket Academy to bring more kids into cricket.

Masud Rahman runs the Canberra Cricket Academy to bring more kids into cricket.

Bangladesh product Rahman created the Canberra Cricket Academy in 2014 as a platform to offer young local children opportunities that were not available to him growing up.

Unorthodox coaching methods see 45-year-old Rahman hone in on the natural ability of a player - the technique most juniors are told to abide by is thrown out the window.

Rahman is determined to open a pathway for more girls and boys to play cricket, and he doesn't want them to stray away from what works best.

"I do a little bit of a different style, making sure the players are playing more naturally," Rahman said.

"The reason I get more subcontinental players is because I am well-known in the community. About 70 per cent of my players are subcontinental… most of them are first generation Australians like me.

"I realised for myself, for my community, we have to bring kids out to play something, then physically they will develop, they will develop their communication skills, they will develop leadership."

The CCA is often runs through the winter months to give Rahman more time to work with players - in summer the youngsters are off playing and Rahman is supporting his two sons at North Canberra-Gungahlin, with whom he has crafted his academy program.

Rahman offers free and paid sessions to cover costs and funds equipment for players to use.

Source: Canberra Times

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