Canberra Cricket Academy

A School of Hybridizing Player’s Natural Talent with Cricketing Techniques

Commonly Asked Questions

Is there any age limit?
Yes, less than 7 years old kid is not encouraged to enrol. However, CCA can coach parents and interested children for some basic training.

Who are the coaches?
Head Coach – Dr Masud Rahman, who is commonly known as Dr Cricket. Other coaches are mostly from emerging ACT Comet players and appropriately trained by CCA.

What does my child need to bring with them?
Please bring full cricket gears including their helmet for each session. No junior player is allowed to train without appropriate cricket gears.

What clothing should be worn?
Any comfortable clothes are OK.

Having trouble registering online?
Please send an email with detail request to

Can a senior player attend CCA’s training?
Yes, please contact to CCA’s staff by

What are the cricket equipment CCA commonly used?
Bowling machine, Camera and Side Arm.

What are the innovative ways of training in CCA?
CCA uniquely runs its program. Its training methods are innovative, unique and proven effective to young players. A very standard player generally becomes High-Performance player in 2 years. CCA games and training are mostly live broadcast through Facebook and YouTube channel. CCA engages and collaborates with research activities with the local university for developing innovative methods. 

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Our Philosophy

We are passionate about helping each and every player achieve their goals and reach their potential through expert coaching in a fun, challenging, positive and professional environment. Through the game of cricket we ultimately aim to help our players learn, grow and develop into becoming better people.

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