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A School of Hybridizing Player’s Natural Talent with Cricketing Techniques



Costing differs based on coaching option a player/parent chooses to. It is generally session based – where an One-On-One session lasts for about an hour. In case of small groups, a session may be up to 6 hours, depending on the number of players. It is generally $50 per session per player. There are a plenty of discounts (/for siblings), scholarships and free training options available once a player are committed to develop or potential to develop at higher level. Please also contact, if you have any financial difficulties – free training for homeless parent’s kids, huge discounts for parents of asylum seekers or special kids.  

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Our Philosophy

We are passionate about helping each and every player achieve their goals and reach their potential through expert coaching in a fun, challenging, positive and professional environment. Through the game of cricket we ultimately aim to help our players learn, grow and develop into becoming better people.

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