Canberra Cricket Academy

A School of Hybridizing Player’s Natural Talent with Cricketing Techniques


Canberra Cricket Academy (CCA) is a professional organisation, which offers cricket coaching, training and mentoring mainly in Canberra region, Australia through small groups, OneOnOne and club coaching. CCA believes in new ideas, innovation and unconventional methods to develop an ordinary player’s up to the highest level.

The vision of CCA is to develop strong awareness among local communities for importance of outdoor activities through training, development and playing cricket and offering healthy alternatives for Canberra communities specially who are the first or second generation of Australians.

Dr. Masud Rahman, an engineering graduate,  is founder of this academy. This centre caters not only for developing young talents in cricket but also train parents who are the ultimate contributors to bring their kids into the game of cricket.

He has also created unique coaching style and new coaching environment by amalgamating his strong biomechanics and mathematical problem solving skills with his strong cricket playing knowledge and experience at various levels and environments. It means player will learn what would be the best possible way to send a ball outside of the ground. In the meantime – learning does not help to executive the skills during a game situation – CCA coaches train and master this skill to the players and then player will know when and where to execute this specific shot.  CCA will also offer you unique technique and approach towards coaching your young or senior players and surely develop the required skills as quickly as possible.

CCA has more interest in long-term contract of a player than a short-term training schedule – what does it mean to us – please consider sending your children for at least a year term. If you have any financial difficulties – CCA may consider scholarship for eligible players.

At the end, CCA ensures that players are enjoying their sports by creating a friendly and sporty environment.

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Our Philosophy

We are passionate about helping each and every player achieve their goals and reach their potential through expert coaching in a fun, challenging, positive and professional environment. Through the game of cricket we ultimately aim to help our players learn, grow and develop into becoming better people.

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