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Winter Cricket Programs – From June to August (/part of September)



This off-season program is designed for young cricketers to improve their cricket skills during a 10-12 week cricket program from June to August. The program runs similarly to an academic style, containing a specific curriculum for three different levels of players, e.g., beginner, developing, and high performance. The Canberra Cricket Academy (CCA) curricula generally follow the augmented KUMON technique – player practices on a given task/drill during a training session followed by homework, and the trained exercises will be reviewed and tested by a coach. While in CCA training, players will always learn how a drill will adapt to a player’s physical and mental strength. CCA has demonstrated its developed modules to many players, and players have developed their skills significantly within a few months.

The ultimate objective of this program is to promote (outdoor) physical activities through cricket to the ACT’s youth community.



Model Players – Top cricket ACT players who understand CCA modules well and demonstrate how to play a particular shot
Alignment – Focusing on Batting/Bowling/Fielding/Wicket keeping Alignment.
Test – Each player will be tested, followed by a training drill or the following week.
High-intensive and challenging training for HP Players.
Intensive spin bowl and playing spin drills
Easy steps to learn quickly – batting, bowling, fielding
Three hours for High Performance and Potential First Grade players


This program will be managed by the head coach – Dr Masud Rahman along with a number of specialist and emerging coaches in the ACT regions. CCA trains coaches as per CCA developed training modules, techniques and practices.



Juniors (from the age of 7) and seniors of any level. Boys and Girls



Boorer Family Cricket Centre, Radford College, 1 College St, Bruce ACT 2617

CricketACT High-Performance Centre at 6 Spoering St, Phillip ACT 2606

Three sessions: Every Saturday – June to August (One or Two sessions may occur during weekdays, TBC)

Session for Beginners

Session for High-Performance Players

Session for – potential First Grade/ NSW Academy players


Centre Wicket Practice:

About three sessions on centre wickets in August or September- either Junior training or practice game format

Kookaburra Cups (Rego Fee applies)

Practice games for HP players in September


TRAINING CURRICULA (Guidelines for High Performance/Div1 Level): Training plans are running documents.

Week 1- Week 3:

Batting: Off-side practice – focuses more on “cover-drive” “straight drive” and “cut-shot”. CCA utilises many techniques to train young players, including the box technique. CCA upholds its three defined core principles when starting any session. It influences players to use more flexible (tennis) elbow strides, controls the use of the wrist for playing off-side drives, etc. CCA educates and trains players on the science behind the technique and how it influences the body while adapting cricket skills.

Bowling: CCA will employ fundamental bowling practices to nurture natural talent. Easy steps will be taught, and multiple areas of bowling will be practised to hone their skills. This year will focus more on body biomechanics, i.e., flexible upper body parts.

Wicket Keeping: Fundamental wicket-keeping drills with flexibility, movement and balance.

Week 4- Week 6:

Batting: On-side practice—more focus on leg-glance and pull-shot. For beginners, CCA employs an open-up technique to develop a player purely side-on. Contrary to conventional ways of teaching young players, CCA proves that it works best. Interestingly, CCA motivates players to use more of the wrist than the elbow to hone this on-drive.

Bowling: CCA coaches will now concentrate more on seam-landing, controlling the balls and bowling to the batters. More on Pace and spin hard – for this year.

Wicket Keeping: Advanced wicket-keeping drills with flexibility, body movement, alignment to the balls and balance.


Week 7- Week 8:

Batting: CCA coaches will explain the differences of playing quick and slow bowling. During these two weeks, batting against spin bowling will be focused on along with body adjustment, widening the batting crease and quick foot movement. CCA will practically show the players how to reach the ball and then employ four ways to play spin balls.

Bowling: At this stage, CCA coaches will identify the specific areas of improvement for a bowler and guide the bowler in developing innovative ways of bowling. Players will hone their skills on how to bowl in a game situation.

Wicket Keeping: Complex wicket-keeping drills with flexibility, body movement, alignment to the balls and balance.


Week 9- Week 10:

Batting: Players will review all skills learned so far and select their best possible shots during a game situation. Many players will be interested in learning innovative shots such as scoops or 360-degree shots using the back foot.

Bowling: CCA’s specialist coaches will discuss human physiology and biomechanics and their implementation on a bowler’s ability. They will also discuss the areas of improvement.

Wicket Keeping: wicket-keeping against batting and bowling situations.


CCA Elite Players and Training:

This training is designed to be hard-pushed training, and players (Top CCA players, Top Div1 and ACT Rep Players, ages 13+ only) will be selected by invitation only. It may run even three hours, if required.



Two games will be played either within the CCA squads or against other club players of the same level. These will depend on ground and player availability. CCA players also attend Kookaburra Cups organised by CricketACT



At the end of this program, each player will develop his/her targeted areas of cricket skills to some extent. The player will also be physically and mentally ready for the summer of cricket starting in October.



Two Hours Program – The Total Package of this Off-Season Program is $500 per junior player

Three Hours Program – $600 for HP and Potential 1st Grade Players


Discount for Siblings – Please contact the Head Coach
CCA offers discounts to players with refugee, financial difficulties, aboriginal community, or family violence backgrounds. Please feel free to contact a CCA official.
(If you are unable to attend the full program, the cost is $50 per session per player)


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Pay Cash during the session



Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Account #: 10321086

BSB: 062903

A/C Name: Dr Masud Rahman

Ref. Player’s name


PayID to Masud Rahman

CLOTHING (Optional):

Canberra Cricket Academy apparel can be purchased separately.

$30 for a Cap and a T-Shirt

$120 for a CCA customised Kits Bag (requires about three months for a customised order)

CCA Players Videos

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Raakin Rahman – Game for U17 Nationals Championships – ACT vs Tasmania – Hobart

Raakin Rahman – Game for U17 Nationals Championships – ACT vs Tasmania – Hobart

U17 Nationals Championships – Raakin Rahman – ACT vs Western Australia – Hobart

Cricket Australia U17 National Championships -Raakin Rahman-VIC Metro v Australian Capital Territory

Cricket Australia U17 National Championships -Raakin Rahman-VIC Metro v Australian Capital Territory

Raakin Rahman – ACT Junior Cricket – Colts Semi-Finals – CGS First XI v Radford College First XI

Canberra Cricket Academy | Raakin Rahman | ACT 1st Grade | 2 Day Grand Final | WCMCC v Queanbeyan

Canberra Cricket Academy – Blake Faunce – ACT 1st Grade – 2-Day – Grand Final

Esam Rahman | SACA (Adelaide) 1st Grade Men’s 2- Day Grand Final

It’s innovative cricket coaching with creating enjoyable environment

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Our Philosophy

We are passionate about helping each and every player achieve their goals and reach their potential through expert coaching in a fun, challenging, positive and professional environment. Through the game of cricket, we ultimately aim to help our players learn, grow and develop into becoming better people.